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In This FREE 10-Video E-Course, I Share With You My Game-Winning Strategies That Took Me From A One-Truck Rookie, To A Multi-Truck, Multi-Million Dollar Plumbing Business Champion.
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The Million Dollar Plumber Playbook Video E-Course Includes:
Meet the Coach
Get to know your coach, me, Richard Behney, and why I'm The Million Dollar Plumber.
Be the Champion
Learn why becoming a plumbing business champion isn't just about skill and will and what you gotta do to win.
Know What You're Playing For
In this workout we’re gonna discover the REASON why you do what you do...and it isn't what you think.
Homefield Advantage
In this video, you'll learn which field you can win on and which field you are bound to lose on. 
The Show
Discover what your customers are actually paying you for...and here's a hint:  It's not plumbing. 
More Butts = More Bucks
Understand and implement this ONE concept and you'll still have a profitable business, even if you mess up everything else.
Play Call
Knowing how to make the right Play Call is the difference between experiencing the "thrill of victory" or the "agony of defeat."
Train Like a Champion
Learn this powerful secret that separates champions from all the other players on the field.
Game Recap
Learn the next steps you can take to up your game and become a plumbing business champion!
Get your game face on!  Whether you're looking to get in the plumbing business game, take your plumbing business game to the next level, or become a plumbing business champion, my FREE Million Dollar Plumber Playbook Video E-Course is the winning game plan you need. Click the link below to get yours NOW! 
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