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Plumbs Up Plumbing & Drains 
"Richard's really helped us bring our business to the next level."  - Keith Hunt, Ontario
Works Plumbing
"Our mindset has changed tremendously in our business and our lives."  - Patrick & Margaret Besinga, California
Beis Plumbing
"It's the best thing we've ever done for our plumbing business."  - Charlie & Jess Beis, Missouri
Knight Plumbing
"Richard IS the Million Dollar Plumber. It's the best investment you'll ever make."  - Kelley Knight, Colorado
615 Plumbing
"Richard always sees you as you truly are-a business owner."  - Tyler St. Laurent, Tennessee
Plumbing Service A+
"Richard as my coach has saved me thousands of dollars and hours." - Javier Sandoval, California
Don't Get KO'd
Learn The Skills That Will Make You A Plumbing Business Champion
Hey Plumbing Bro,

Plumbing business success is not an accident. It’s a process.

With over 30 years experience in the plumbing industry and nearly 20 years of having founded (literally from my kitchen table) and operated my own very successful plumbing business through good times and bad, the lean years and the green years, recessions and bull markets

I’ve acquired the knowledge, wisdom

And time-tested experience that comes simply from having “been in the ring” for decades taking the punches…

I’m proud that I’m one of the few “little guys” still standing and able to lift the Million Dollar Plumber Champion Belt over my head.

If you have a plumbing license…
A plumbing truck… 
And a plumbing business dream… 

You face the same fight!

I will tell you what to expect…

And show you how to beat your opponent...


To ultimately lift YOUR plumbing business Champion Belt over your head!
The Million Dollar Plumber
Here's Just Some Of What Your "Workouts" Will Include: 
How to find your perfect price (that is fair for both you and your customer)

The best office systems and procedures (making it easy to grow and scale your business)

How to create a brand that customers can’t forget (and why yours may be driving customers away)

Who your perfect customer is (and who you are wasting time and money on)

How to hire the best help (that will make you money NOT trouble)

How to get the most out of your marketing budget (with the least amount of money)

How to share your plumbing business on social sites that’ll attract customers (not make you look like you’re just trying to sell them something)

The secrets to Google SEO and PPC (that your marketing agency doesn’t want you to know)

The profit killers that are destroying your business (and how to kill them before they kill your business)

The truth about review sites like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Google (and how to make them pay for you!)

How to look like a trusted plumbing professional (and not look like just another butt-crack plumber)

What to say to customers that compels them to hand their money over to you (and what not to say that drives customers away)

How to present to achieve the highest closing percentage (what you are doing that is driving down your sales)

How to protect your assets (and keep legal predators from stealing your family legacy)

What authorities to be registered with (so you won’t be shut down)

How to operate like your plumbing business like a seasoned professional (and look like an experienced plumbing company to customers)

What banking relationships are good (and which ones set you up to fail)

The truth about insurance (and what to stay far, far away from)

How to negotiate the best prices with your suppliers (and have them begging for your business)

How to create a winning Facebook ad (that won’t get lost in the scroll hole)

How to handle difficult customers (making you the only plumber they’ll ever call)

How to make a passive income month after month (and grow your customer base)

How to properly manage your finances (so that they don’t manage you)

How to create a budget (that sets you up for success)
How to read your KPIs (and why failing to do so you will crash and burn)
How to simplify your schedule (and never drop a customer again)

How to map a path to success (without risking failure)

How to create the plumbing business of your dreams (without your personal life becoming a nightmare)
"I have been in the plumbing business since 2005.  Over the years, I have gained so much knowledge that has allowed me to believe in myself to dream big.  I knew the time would come when I would find the right coach and would allow myself to be guided to build the company that I envisioned. The Million Dollar Plumber (Richard Behney) has provided business tools that I didn’t know were available.  These business tools have allowed me to not waste any more years of my time by trying to figure out all the pieces by myself.  Now all my efforts are on target and I feel more confident on scaling my plumbing business."
Javier Sandoval
Plumbing Service A+
Manteca, CA
"Rich and Laura are just amazing! They have shown us what we are capable of and that we are a #ppc (plumbing power couple), and with their guidance we know that we will reach the top! If you are a couple, or individual who has started up business on your own, The Million Dollar Plumber & The Lovely Laura will coach you to the top too!!"
Keith & Lynsey Hunt
Plumbs Up Plumbing & Drains
Orangeville, Ontario
"I was the best plumber but had never ran a business. Before I met Richard I thought I had some grasp on what I was doing, but wow...Was I wrong!  Having Richard as my mentor has really changed the way I look at my business and my role in the business. I've seen more money and growth since hiring Richard than I had ever made before. Its more than worth it!"
Kelley Knight
Knight Plumbing, LLC
Littleton, CO
"I knew that I needed to take my business to the next level, but I was afraid to take the next step. I contacted Richard (The Million Dollar Plumber) to kind of interview him and see if we were a fit. He was very easy to talk to and really knows his stuff when it comes to plumbing and the business portion of it. I look forward to our meetings and implementing his ideas into my business. Our bottom line has grown exponentially and I owe it all to Richard and his step by step instructions. In my opinion you can't afford not to use The Million Dollar Plumber."
Tom Shell
Tom Shell Plumbing, Inc.
New Port Richey, FL
"As business owners we have been looking for guidance for a long time. We are so glad to have found Richard and Laura! They have been there, done that and they get what we are going through!! It’s so nice to have someone who you can look to for advice and or even bounce ideas off of. We are so glad we signed up. Highly recommend!!"
Johnny & Michele Gibson
Plumb-Rite Plumbing
Springfield, MO
"We decided to use Richard to help bring our business to the next level. As our business grows we needed the help of a like-minded plumber to help guide us along the way. So far it's been quite a bit of work, but anything worthwhile is worth the work. I'm excited to see the fruits of our labor and become another million dollar plumber!"
Ryan Giles
RFG Plumbing
Essex, Ontario
You and I both know that you are smarter than this and deserve more.
You haven't taken charge of your business and success or truly owned it.  You haven't made the commitment to implement a proven system for a Million Dollar Plumbing Business, no matter what it takes.
You can step up, take charge of your business and your success.  You can have the income, impact, and lifestyle you desire.

But I know you're struggling right now and doubt whether you can really pull this off.  You doubt whether you should try something new.

The problem isn't that success in business is only for the lucky few.  Or that you don't have enough business know-how to truly succeed.  Or that you aren't good enough to make an impact.

The problem is that you aren't following a business model that works and works for the long term.  You haven't found a model (which includes a very specific system for getting your butt out of the truck and growing into a multi-truck money machine) that is proven, so you can have greater income every day.

You haven't taken charge of your business and success or truly owned it. You haven't made the commitment to implement a proven system for a Million Dollar Plumbing Business, no matter what it takes.

This commitment takes courage and a belief in yourself that you can build a business to the level of success you desire and in exchange, make a greater impact for your family and in your community, and enjoy a lifestyle you desire and deserve.

The biggest reason you haven't done this yet is because you haven't pushed yourself (and your business) to the next level because you don't understand the BUSINESS side of your plumbing business.

Not understanding the BUSINESS keeps you small.

That's where I come in.  I can teach you how to become a Million Dollar Plumber...and beyond!
Even "His Airness" Had A Coach
He’s a 6-time NBA Champion…
A 5-time NBA Most Valuable Player

14-time NBA All-Star
10-time NBA Scoring Champion

NBA Defensive Player of the Year


His career highlights, awards, and stats go on and on

I am talking about the man who many around the world refer to as…

Captain Marvel…
His Airness… 
Air Jordan… 

Who his friends and teammates simply call “MJ”...

I’m talking about the great Michael Jordan, of course…

Arguably the best all-around basketball player of all time (and the wealthiest of all time).

What made “His Airness” the best of all-time?

Well, not skill

MJ himself admits that he was never the most naturally skilled player on the court…

Not will

Will is very much needed...but, can be misdirected and mismanaged causing failure…

No, what MJ knew that separated Champs from Chumps is…

A Coach.

Not just the team coach…

But, a personal coach…

MJ used personal coaches throughout his entire basketball career (and even now in his business career).

And, if you (as they say) wanna “be like Mike”...

A CHAMPION (Million Dollar Plumber)...

You need a personal coach too…

I’m adding spots to my personal coaching roster…

Whether you’re looking to "get in the game" (MJ didn’t make the freshman HS team)...

Or take your game to the next level

I can get you there…

I’m offering a free 30-minute consultation…

We’ll talk about where you’re at… 

Where you want to be… 

And how we’ll get you there

Isn't it time to improve your "jump shot" (job costing)?  

Your "rebounding" (marketing)?

Your "defense" (everything else)?

Yes.  It is. 

To get your free 30-minute consultation...

Simply fill out the form above...

And I’ll get you on the path to Million Dollar Plumber glory!  😎

The Million Dollar Plumber
My clients follow my Million Dollar Plumber Success Academy System and get amazing results:
"We have been in business for over 2 1/2 years and we were doing ok, but we wanted to be the best. With the help of the Million Dollar Plumber and the Lovely Laura, we are on the road to doing just that. We are so happy and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and become friends with Richard and Laura. Our future is brighter than ever! Thank you for all that you do for us!!"
Chad & Pam Collins
Pride Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, LLC
Grand Junction, CO
"Just would like to say that I enjoy every minute of the time we spend and all of the good info that Richard & the Lovely Laura are giving me. This has helped me out tremendously and just want to say Thank you…Also, my wife thanks you because I have become a better man since I started this venture."
Dana Busby
Busby's Plumbing
Mexia, TX
"If your having trouble with where you are with your business or can’t seem to get where you want.   At first I was unsure.  But in a short time with Richard, things were put into perspective.  Things are moving forward.  Profits are up. Working to get out of the truck. Richard is definitely the man to talk to. He’ll help you climb your mountain."
Adam Smith
T.A.P.S. (Totally Awesome Plumbing Service)
Petitcodiac, NB Canada
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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Don't Fall For The Trap 
Below Are The Excuses That Keep You From Having Plumbing Business Success
"I Don't Need This Right Now...The Timing Is Wrong"
Waiting for the right time to get serious about your plumbing business?

Well, if Thomas Edison had waited for the "right time",  we'd still be living in the dark.  The faster you get started, the faster you'll have success.

Here's some tough love:  Waiting around for the right moment is the fastest way to fail.  Like they say, "there's no time like the present" (there's a reason why they say that)...C'mon. Decide.  Let's.  Do.  This.
"I Can't Afford This...I Don't Have Enough Money To Get Coaching..."
You have two choices...

You can either keep running your business in isolation, relying on hit-or-miss guesses and wishing you had more customers and money.


You can SHORTCUT years of trial and error, wasted time and money --risking failure --  by partnering with me to achieve your dreams.

Simply put:  You can't afford NOT to start.
"My Plumbing Business Is Different, IDK How Private Coaching Can Work For Me..."
I know what you’re thinking...A Private Business Coach  is great for some white-shirt business guy...but how can it work for me and my plumbing business?

Just like you weren’t sure if you should try that one food, and then ended up loving it, you definitely need to try Private Coaching AND as soon as you see how it works for you…you’ll wonder how you ever made it without it!

Whether you wear a white office shirt or blue work shirt with a name patch to work, my Private Coaching will help you succeed!
"I Don't Have The Time...I've Got A Lot Goin' On"
All of us start off each week with the same amount of minutes, hours, and days to spend on what we have “goin' on”.
The question you must ask yourself is this…

"What do I want to have achieved (and have my family and friends know me for) by this time next year? "

The husband, daddy, and friend who has reached level 37 of Zombie Killing Zombies; and has set a new personal binge-watching record for watching all seven seasons of Life Suckers on Netflix (you 'da man, bro!)…


The husband, daddy, and friend who invested his time wisely and now has a successful and growing plumbing business that provides a very comfortable life, security, and lasting legacy for his family; and has his friends asking “How’d you do it?”...

If the choice is obvious to you, then click the link below and let's get started.  If it's not...then good luck with those zombies.
Don’t you think it’s about time you stopped with the excuses and got SERIOUS about your business?
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